About Ripe

We're a lodging software provider that shifts bookings away from generic booking sites to those that
create the demand for lodging, such as Destination Marketing Organizations, events, and attractions. We
empower our clients, like the city of Vancouver or the Sundance Film Festival, to better service their visitors,
drive cost-free bookings to their lodging partners (or generate a new revenue stream), and capture valuable
first-party data and travel insights.

For Destination Marketing OrganizationsFor Event and Attractions:
Ripe is the most customizable, localized,
easily-implemented lodging software available. We
empower you with lodging bookings through your own
website to better service travelers and drive economic
impact at no cost to lodging partners. Ripe creates a
way to clearly attribute lodging bookings to
tourism-related marketing efforts.
Ripe allows you to provide local lodging booking so
you can better serve your guests and also get paid
commissions on the bookings made through your
website. Your guests are already going to be booking
hotels— Ripe lets you share in the lodging revenue
you help drive

Why use Ripe?
Enhance the traveler experience - with a localized research and booking process when and
where they're looking

  • Promote lodging partners - with increased exposure and commission-free, fully automated bookings
  • Stimulate travel demand - with bundling exclusive value add and packaging opportunities
  • Make or save money - generate revenue for yourself or drive commission-free bookings to
    lodging partners
  • Measure success and attribution - with first-party data capture and travel intelligence analytics
  • Easy - Simple implementation and hands-off management